Some Common Responsive Web Design Mistakes

Responsive web design is paramount for any web experience. At this point in time, to design and develop something for the traditional desktop environment only would be a critical mistake, as in most cases, you’re effectively limiting your audience by as much as 75 percent. It really makes no difference if you’re marketing a multi-million-dollar business or if you’re a stay at home mom blogging about the trials and tribulations of raising a family. No matter what type of website you design for the web it must be accessible on any device with a screen. Leaning on these years of research and experience, we’ve compiled a list of 7 common responsive web design mistakes to avoid when embarking on developing a new responsive web design project.

Today I’m not elaborate those points but you can check the list.

  1. Thinking “Desktop First”
  2. Overlooking Website Navigation
  3. Ignoring Mobile Web Experience
  4. Misunderstanding the Touchscreen Experience
  5. Ignoring Page Speed and Optimization Practices
  6. Using Separate Mobile-Specific URLs
  7. Choosing to Hide Content


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